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Law·Legal matters

Homu (work) ⇒ take-away set(Offerings can also be prepared in advance)

Some rooms have free wi-fi.It is also possible to deliver online legal bulletins!

Legislation tailored to a new lifestyle

  • Social distance in a spacious space

    It is possible to make a request while maintaining a social distance in a large space.
    There is also internet facilities
    We also propose a memorial service for connecting with distant people through LINE and ZOOM.
  • After the memorial service, we will serve you with a take-away set.

    We will create a takeaway set according to your budget.
    We also support kids meals and more!

Request for Sakaide grand hotel

Private Law Room

  • 【Kiku no Ma】

    Japanese-Style Legal Room
    Maximum of 27 people available

  • 【Seto no Ma】

    Western-style legal room
    Maximum 50 people available
Required set price     38,500 yen tax excluded〈set content〉
·Liaison room ·Temple waiting room ·Your master  
·Burning incense set ·A set of altars 
·Incense stick, ·A candle, ·Picture Frames

On the day, please bring your plaque and shadow

Dining Hall

It is also possible to use only meals in a completely private room

We will prepare the room fee of the dining room free of charge

  • 【Shikoku no Ma】
    Japanese style meal venue

    Location:2F Japanese Style  
    Venue area:Up to 243 m²   
    Capacity:120 people

    Shikoku I:65㎡ 66 m2  
          Kaiseki Meal(Easy chair seat):15 people Daimyo Set Meal 24 people
    Shikoku II:56 ㎡ 58 m2 
          Kaiseki Meal(Easy chair seat):15 people Daimyo Set Meal 24 people
    Shikoku III:122㎡124 square meters  
          Kaiseki Meal(Easy chair seat):38 people Daimyo Set Meal 52 people
  • 【Palace】

    Western-style meal venue

    Location: 2F Hall, Venue area: 92 m²
    Capacity: 40 people

Your meal

We also accept takeaways

  • 【Kikyo】  11 items    9,350 yen (Tax included)
    ·Hors d'oeuvre·Simmered dishes·Creation·Oils·Meat Dish·salad·Lidding·Omote bowl·Meal
    ·Dessert · Coffee or Tea
  • 【Evening primrose】  11 items    8,800 yen(Tax included)

    ·Appetizer·Creation·Simmered dishes·Oils·A spirit·Vinegared dish·Lidding·Rice dish
    ·A bowl·fruit
  • 【Magnolia】  10 items    7,700 yen(Tax included)

    ·Appetizer·Creation·Simmered dishes·Grilled Dish·Oils·Vinegared dish·Lidding·Rice dish
    ·A bowl·fruit
  • 【Yunagi】  9 items    6,600 yen(Tax included)

    ·Appetizer·Creation·Simmered dishes·Grilled Dish·Oils·Lidding·Rice dish
    ·A bowl·fruit
  • 【Bush clover】(Shokado) 12 items    7,700 yen(Tax included)

    ·Ahead·Appetizer·Creation·Simmered dishes·Grilled Dish·Oils·Vinegared dish·Mounds·Lidding·Rice dish
    ·A bowl·fruit
  • 【Aster】  9 items    7,700 yen(Tax included)

    ·Hors d'oeuvre·soup·Seafood Dish·Retreat·Meat Dish
    ·Salad · dessert · bread and butter · coffee or tea
  • 【Children's set】  8 items    3,300 yen(Tax included)

    ·八 sizing·Grilled Dish·Oils·Small pot·Creation·rice·Soup stock·fruit
  • 【Children's course】  6 items    3,300 yen(Tax included)

    ·hamburger·Fried shrimp·Omelette rice·salad·soup·Dessert
  • ※We will arrange orders other than the above according to your budget and requests.Please do not contact the hotel.

    ※10% service charge will be added to the above.

Free bus transfer

Pick-up is possible in either Kagawa prefecture!

  • ※Limited to 10 people or more

Order sort of offering

  • We also accept coarse souvenirs and cash on delivery sorting.

    ※Legal planner will explain · meet with you for details
     I will get you.Please feel free to contact us.
     Toll-free: 0120-44-0500
  • ~Magokoro Hoken Sakaide grand hotel ~

    Customers from various areas such as Sakaide, Utazu, Marugame, Kokubunji etc.
    We have a request.

    We will treat you with your precious day.
    Please contact me.