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Surrounding Area·Access

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Sakaide grand hotel


Kagawa Prefecture Sakaide City Nishihama Hokkaido 1-2-33

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8 minutes by taxi from JR Sakaide Station.15 minutes by car from Sakaide IC.It is 2 minutes by car from Sakaide-kita IC.

Surrounding tourist facilities

●Seto Ohashi Anniversary Park... 8 minutes by car
●Higashiyama Kaii Art Museum... 8 minutes by car
●Play Park Gold Tower... 15 minutes by car
●Sakaide Country... 30 minutes by car
●Marugame Studium... 30 minutes by car
●Marugame Castle... 20 minutes by car
●New Reoma World... 40 minutes by car
  • How much is the parking fee? Do I need an appointment?

    The hotel has a free parking lot.Reservation of parking lot is not necessary in particular.About 30 cars in First Parking Lot, 120 cars in Second Parking Lot with Second Parking Lot road in between, and 80 cars in Third Parking Lot, back yard of the hotel can be stopped, so if you are coming by car I have it.☆Because we do not pave Third Parking Lot, please be careful when parking.

    【To customers】Because it is open as a free parking lot, we can not assume responsibility such as accident.Please note.
  • ~Healing village, Sarai~

    Annex hot spring bath, 3 minutes walk from the hotel!
    The most popular customer's voice is bath☆If you get tired of the day, too, it is big bath from the hotel unit bus!

    Bath charge free
    You can relax relaxed tiredness, such as outdoor bath, turtle, sauna and so on.
    We have handed out free bathing tickets at the front desk.
    【Opening Hours】From 10:00 to 1:00 (entrance reception is 24:00)

    Tsuboyu(Image left)
    Sarai Tsuboyu is of daily hot water.Hot water for beautiful skin, fresh flower water, cypress and fruit hot water etc.
    Event hot water that can be enjoyed according to the season★Please enjoy luxurious mood with big pottery of Shigaraki.
    ※It is a men's and a daughter's day and may not be available.Please understand.Open Air Bath(Right image)
    Tianya stone & Badgastein ore bathtub.
    It is said to be useful for cell activation and immunity improvement.
    Badgastein ore in Australia has abundant radon release amount and negative ion amount.
  • About access from expressway

    【Setouchi Highway Honshu area: Exit Sakaide North IC】
    →Leave the tollgate, go straight ahead and turn left at the second traffic light (there is a convenience store / Seven-Eleven - Seven-Eleven) and you will see a blue building that will be visible on your left.
    【Shikoku Highway / Takamatsu Expressway Sakaide IC Exit : Sakaide IC Exit】
    →Take the toll booth and head towards Takamatsu and Sakaide, then take the Route 11.It will proceed a side road, turn left at the first signal (gas station), go to Sakaide City city.Proceed about 1.8 km, you will catch a T-junction that crosses the Prefectural Route 33, so turn left there.Next, turn right at the first traffic light (there are Hanamaru Udon corner), and beyond the first traffic light (there is a convenience store · Seven-Eleven) there is a blue building visible on your left.
  • Takamatsu Airport Shuttele

    For people coming to Kagawa by plane☆ If you reach Sakaide, you will benefit from Dansen using "Airport Shuttele" operated by Tosan Kotsu!
    【General route】
    ① Move from Takamatsu Airport to Takamatsu station (taxi 30 minutes: approximately 4,700 yen, bus 40 minutes: 740 yen)
    ② Sakaide station using JR (quick use 30 minutes: 440 yen)
    ③ Taxi to the hotel (10 minutes: about 780 yen)
    Transfer · It will cost a burden to move.
    【Shuttle flight】
    ① Jump from the airport to the location of your choice by Jumbo Taxi : 1,500 yen!
    (Since it will be a merger, the arrival time will be around depending on the reservation situation)
    Of course you can also use it from the hotel to the airport.

    * Please take a look at the following notes on usage by Tosan Kotsu, please apply.
    ●This Airport Shuttele will be a taxi.
    ●When making a reservation, we will ask the name of the flight number, departure / arrival time, name, number of people, contact number (mobile phone).
    ●This Airport Shuttele is a complete reservation system.Please make reservations by telephone by 20:00 in the Takamatsu area on the day before boarding and 12:00 in the Marugame area.
    ●This Airport Shuttele can not specify your time.We will specify from you.
    ●If you can not fulfill the operation plan due to delays in arrival and other unavoidable reasons, it will be delayed for up to 30 minutes.
    ●Cancellation on the day will be charged a cancellation fee.

    Do you have a reservation ... Tosan Kotsu,, TEL: 0120-135-024
  • Airport limousine bus

    ◎ Takamatsu Airport departure flight 21:30 will not handle riding at Ayagawa station, but get off will be handled.

    ※The time stated in the timetable is the standard hourly hour.Please understand beforehand that there may be some delays due to traffic conditions.
    (For Marugame · Sakaide you may depart Takamatsu Airport at maximum 15 minutes late depending on the arrival time of the flight.
    However, flights departing from Takamatsu Airport 21:30 may depart from Takamatsu Airport with a delay of up to 60 minutes depending on the arrival time of the flight.)

    ※Takamatsu Airport Line, Marugame and Sakaide Line can not be used between Marugame and Sakaide stations.