Enjoy a relaxing stay at the Sakaide where the Seto Ohashi crosses.

【Official】Sakaide grand hotel

Sakaide grand hotel Welcome to the Sakaide grand hotel , ~ Welcome to Sakaide Grand Hotel ~

This is the official page of the Sakaide grand hotel .

Sakaide-kita IC change soon!
Access convenient location for Takamatsu and Kotohira.

With bathing ticket of the natural stone hot spring of the hotel "Sarai".
Free planar parking place complete!

Reservations for banquets and bridal are also accepted.

 ■□■ Official website address(URL)Change notice ■□■
 From October 12, 2018, we changed the website address (URL) to https://sakaide.sakaide-grandhotel.jp/.

  If you are registered as a favorite or bookmark, please change it to the above new address.
  Customers booking from the homepage before October 12
 Please understand that confirmation by phone will change.
  Moreover, since it is not possible to make reservations with previous registration, ID and password,
 Sorry to trouble you, but please register again.   I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Accommodation information

  • We will prepare rooms according to the number of people and use

    From business to sightsee we will prepare a room in accordance with your plan of use.
    Please spend a relaxing time.
    Besides Western, single, twin and double rooms, Japanese rooms are also available.
    In a special day in the Deluxe Room / Suite Room.
    The popular breakfast is Japanese / Western Buffet! All rooms are Wifi compatible, Free flat parking lot 200 is equipped.

           【, In-house facilities, 】
      ◎ All room living room digital TV equipped TV!
      ◎ Internet free(Wired & Wireless)!
      A public bath, ···, Opening Hours, AM 6: 00 to 9: 00, PM 16: 00-24: 00
      ◎ Breakfast, ···, Opening Hours, AM 7: 00 to 9: 30


  • 2019 Sakaide grand hotel Beer Garden! Held decision!

    Sakaide grand hotel Beer Garden held!

    Opening period, June 28(Money)~, September 16 (Holiday month)

    Advance ticket, 4,200 yen (tax included)
    Tickets for today, 4,800 yen (tax included)

    On weekdays, a happy boy event (Let's get sweets)
    On Friday, luxury prizes may hit! Bingo tournament
    On Sundays, Family Day (children 500 yen OFF),※August 11 excluded

    The advance ticket stub can also be used as a coupon!

    There is also a kite dismantling show that you can not miss! , Limited Days

    Please contact 0877-44-1000 for reservations and purchase of pre-sale tickets


  • 2019, Farewell And Welcome Party

    Why do not you spend your time with important people at the Sakaide grand hotel ?
    Please choose from a rich menu with a drink.
    Also, we will receive a bus transfer from more than 15 people.
    Please inquire.

    ◆◆◆Your Choice of Special Advantages◆◆◆(For those who use brochure products)
    ① Bingo game (Bingo card)
    ② Apex Free Trial Experience presented (Utazu Grand Hotel within fitness)
    ③ Coffee on the day·Half price tickets for tea (Use within banquet)
    ◇◇◇Request reservation required service◇◇◇(For those who use brochure products)
    ●Accommodation for 5,000 yen including breakfast (Tax included)※Exclude Saturdays

Recommended points

  • Recommended! 6 points!

    2 minutes by Sakaide North IC car! Warm bathing facilities【Sarai】Bath tickets included, All guests free Wifi compatible

    point 1, a series of hot bath facilities "healing shores" 3 minutes on foot, with a bathing ticket

    Point 2, a very popular breakfast at the Japanese-Western buffet

    Seafood of the Setouchi is prepared at point 3, Kaisenjyaya “Iso no Sho” located in the hotel

    point 4, fully equipped free parking space, medium and large cars also parkable, 24 hours free in / out

    Point 5, 1 minute walk to convenience store, surrounding udon MAP also available at front desk

    It is about 1 minute by car from point 6, Sakaide North IC, 15 minutes by car to Sakaide IC

    We will support your stay with hospitality!

Overnight Stay Plan

  • From Standard to Seasonal plan

    We prepare plan tailored to each business, family group, couple.You can also choose for breakfast, dinner, hot spring bathing tickets, QUO CARD, amenities and so on.


  • Wide variety of Japanese and Western buffet style

    Breakfast is a source of power to spend the day.The hotel's buffet offers a variety of Japanese and Western dishes in a buffet style.
    Please enjoy as much as you want.
    We also have a local cooking corner of Shikoku.Please enjoy the taste of Shikoku such as Sanuki Udon as well as soy sauce beans, Shigaku heaven in Ehime.
    Even rice is good for staple food! Even bread is good! Also, it is good to chose udon in Kagawa style!
    Lots of accommodation plan with great breakfast☆


  • Hotel is an important place to welcome you

    We will prepare various rooms according to the number of important gatherings such as legal requirements from the celebration of the crowd.Please spend a time of heartfelt hospitality incorporating seasonal ingredients.A shuttle bus is also available.

    《Banquet privilege》
    ○Bus Free Shuttle - Reservation Required -
     (We will be customers of more than 15 people)
    ○Communication Karaoke Rental - Reservation Required -
     (There are limitations on the number, please reserve as soon as possible)
    ○Free Parking
    ○Extensive venue
     From banquet hall with 400 people capacity to 6 Japanese style rooms
     We will prepare your room according to your application.

Legal requirement

  • The hotel's hospitality and peace of mind

    Eating from the legal requirements, sorting and arranging offerings
    Please let our hotel staff feel at ease.

    We also offer pick-up service by bus.

    We can accommodate various forms such as western-style venues, Japanese-style rooms, children's rooms.
    Sakaide · Utazu · Ayagawa · Marugame · Kokubunji laws and regulations up to Sakaide grand hotel


  • Natural stone no yu【Sarai】~ Healing hotel tired of traveling ~

    The most popular bath in customer's voice.The hotel Sakaide grand hotel is a 3-minute walk to the series of hot bath facilities.If the tiredness of the day is also dropped, the wide bathtub is the best! You can relax relaxed tiredness, such as outdoor bath, turtle, sauna and so on.

    We offer bathing discount tickets and bathing free tickets according to plan.【Opening Hours】From 10:00 to 1:00 (entrance reception is 24:00)

     ≪Warm bathing facilities【Sarai】Notice of closed days≫
    The first Thursday of January, March, May, July, September, November has been closed for maintenance.Please understand in advance.

Iso no Sho

  • A chef at a Kaisenjyaya Iso no Sho Setouchi seafood dishes

    You can enjoy yourself with seasonal fish, Sanuki Chicken, vegetables, sashimi, baked.Recommended local sake is also available.
    From the counter seat to which you can relax alone, we have a seat which we can enjoy in groups.You can relax relaxedly with older people in a full-seat digging kotatsu style☆
    Iso no Sho most popular accommodation plan with dinner Iso no Sho is here!
    Ikoikopran with two meals a night!
    It is very popular from business travelers visiting on business trip.Please enjoy Iso no Sho special multi-course meals☆
    The 15th of every month is the day of the iso!
    Period: Lunch, 11: 30-15: 00(OS 14: 30) Dinner, 17: 00-22: 30 (OS 22: 00)
    TEL(Direct), 0877-44-3300


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Sakaide grand hotel


Ohamakita 1-2-33, Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture

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8 minutes by taxi from JR Sakaide Station.15 minutes by car from Sakaide IC.It is 2 minutes by car from Sakaide-kita IC.
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