Enjoy a relaxing stay at the Sakaide where the Seto Ohashi crosses.

【Official】Sakaide grand hotel

Welcome to Sakaide Grand Hotel to Sakaide grand hotel

This is the official page of the Sakaide grand hotel .

Sakaide-kita IC change soon!
Shikoku 10 minutes by car to Shikoku Aquarium!  A plan with tickets is now available!
Access convenient location for Takamatsu and Kotohira.

With bathing ticket of hot water Iyashi no Sato Sarai of the hotel's natural stone.
 (Some plan are not eligible.See plan details for details.)
Free planar parking place complete!
Truck parking is also welcome!

We also accept bookings for banquets, meetings, regulations, workshops and bridals.
As it is Sakaide City in the middle of Kagawa Prefecture, access from all parts is good!

New Udon Prefecture Staying in Kagawa Discount Campaign

  • Resume reservations for new reservations for "New Udon Prefecture Stay and Kagawa Discount"

    1 Grant recipients
    Residents of Kagawa prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Kochi prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, Tottori prefecture, Shimane prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture

    ※We will stop accepting new reservations from Monday, August 1st for residents of Hiroshima Prefecture.

    The period of use until the stay on Thursday, July 14 will be extended to the stay on Wednesday, August 31.

    ■Reservation by phone■
    →Please tell us that you would like "New Kagawa Discount".
    ■Reservation on the official website■
    →Please indicate in the "Inquiry" column that you would like "New Kagawa Discount".

    ※plan with a QUO CARD are not eligible.

2022 Beer Garden Held from July 1st!

  • 2022 beer garden will be held! Now accepting reservations

    We will hold a beer garden this year as well.
    It will be held on the weekend from July 1st to September 4th.

    We accept reservations for 20 people or more on weekdays, so
    Please feel free to contact us.

    This year's theme is Korean food and izakaya rice
    We will hold it.
    There are also plenty of stall corners where you can enjoy freshly made food!
    There are plenty of menus that will make children happy! For family outings!

    ※Fully booked on August 7th

Limited time takeout


  • 【NEW】Notice of measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection 

    We will prevent new coronavirus infectious diseases
    Wearing a mask, regular ventilation, alcohol disinfection, temperature measurement of staff, etc.
    We will continue to work to prevent the spread of infection.
    Disinfectant is installed in various places in the hotel.

    Also for customers 
    ·Wearing a mask 
    ·Temperature measurement
    ·Present your ID
    ·Filling out a health check sheet
    ·Frequent alcohol disinfection
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Recommended points

  • Recommended! 6 points!

    2 minutes by Sakaide-kita IC car! Warm bathing facilities【Sarai】Bath tickets included, Free Wifi in all rooms
      (Some plan are not eligible for free bathing tickets.)

    point 1, a 3-minute walk to a series of hot-spring facilities "The Healing Village" with a bathing ticket

    Point 2, a very popular breakfast at the Japanese-Western buffet

    Seafood of the Setouchi is prepared at point 3, Kaisenjyaya “Iso no Sho” located in the hotel

    point 4, fully equipped free parking space, medium and large cars also parkable, 24 hours free in / out

    Point 5, 1 minute walk to convenience store, surrounding udon MAP also available at front desk

    1 minute by car from point 6, Sakaide-kita IC, 15 minutes by car to Sakaide IC

    We will support your stay with hospitality!

Accommodation information

  • We will prepare rooms according to the number of people and use

    From business to sightsee we will prepare a room in accordance with your plan of use.
    Please spend a relaxing time.
    Besides Western, single, twin and double rooms, Japanese rooms are also available.
    In a special day in the Deluxe Room / Suite Room.
    The popular breakfast is Japanese / Western Buffet! All rooms are Wifi compatible, Free flat parking lot 200 is equipped.
    【, In-house facilities, 】
    ◎ All room living room digital TV equipped TV!
    ◎ Internet free(Wired & Wireless)!
    A public bath, ···
    Opening Hours, AM6: 00 ~ 9: 00 PM16: 00 ~ 24: 00
    ◎ Breakfast, ···
    Opening Hours, AM 7: 00 to 9: 30

Overnight Stay Plan

  • From Standard to Seasonal plan

    We prepare plan tailored to each business, family group, couple.You can also choose according to your needs such as breakfast, dinner, hot spring bathing tickets, and amenities.
    plan with Shikoku Aquarium tickets and New Reoma World tickets are also on sale.

Breakfast information

  • Buffet breakfast will be served again

    The buffet style will be resumed from breakfast on December 23rd.

    Breakfast is a source of power to spend the day.The hotel's buffet offers a variety of Japanese and Western dishes in a buffet style.
    Please enjoy as much as you want.
    Rice is fine as a staple food! Bread is fine! You can also choose udon in the Kagawa style!
    Lots of accommodation plan with great breakfast☆
    ※1F depending on the number of people, when changing the venue to Luxor

Banquet·Conference·Workshop·Lecture·Alumni association

  • Wired LAN Wireless LAN is also available for online meetings

    If you are looking for a banquet / legal / meeting / workshop / reunion in Sakaide City
    Please leave it to Sakaide grand hotel .
    We will prepare a variety of rooms according to the number of people for important occasions such as feasts and special events. Please spend a time of heartfelt hospitality incorporating seasonal ingredients.A shuttle bus is also available.
    《Banquet privilege》
    ○Bus Free Shuttle - Reservation Required -
     (We will be customers of more than 15 people)
    ○Free Parking
    ○Extensive venue
     From banquet hall with 400 people capacity to 6 Japanese style rooms
     We will prepare your room according to your application.
    We also have a splash countermeasure partition.

Law·Legal matters

  • We also accept takeaways

    Eating from the legal requirements, sorting and arranging offerings
    Please let our hotel staff feel at ease.

    We also offer pick-up service by bus.

    We can accommodate various forms such as western-style venues, Japanese-style rooms, children's rooms.
    Sakaide, Utazu, Ayagawa, Marugame, Kokubunji Temple to Sakaide grand hotel

Auspicious day·Conclusion·A meeting·Birthday celebration

  • Celebration meals available

    Birthday celebrations such as the beginning of eating, 60th birthday, Kishou in Kagawa Prefecture,
    For inquiries about relatives, family cousins, etc.
    Please contact Sakaide grand hotel .

    In conclusion, of course, from the progress,
    We will prepare for the rental of the result.

Group lunch plan for travel agencies

  • Lunch plan for groups

    Click here for details of group lunch plan (meal meal) for travel agencies
    Other than plan
    I will propose the contents of the dishes
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Western food menu is also available.

    Full-course etiquette training is also available.

Iso no Sho

  • Kagawa safe food and drink certified store

    You can fully enjoy seasonal fish, Sanuki Chicken, vegetables, and sashimi.Recommended local sake is also available.
    From the counter seat to which you can relax alone, we have a seat which we can enjoy in groups.You can relax relaxedly with older people in a full-seat digging kotatsu style☆
    Iso no Sho most popular accommodation plan with dinner Iso no Sho is here!
    Ikoikopran with two meals a night!
    It is very popular from business travelers visiting on business trip.Please enjoy Iso no Takumi Special Kaiseki Set Meal☆
    The 15th of every month is the day of the iso!

    Business hours will be extended from 22nd


  • Natural stone no yu【Sarai】~ Healing hotel tired of traveling ~

    The most popular bath in customer's voice.The hotel Sakaide grand hotel is a 3-minute walk to the series of hot bath facilities.If the tiredness of the day is also dropped, the wide bathtub is the best! You can relax relaxed tiredness, such as outdoor bath, turtle, sauna and so on.
    We offer bathing discount tickets and bathing free tickets according to plan. 

      ≪ Notice of closed days≫
    The first Thursday of January, March, May, July, September, November has been closed for maintenance.Please understand in advance.

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Sakaide grand hotel


1-2-33 Nishiohamakita, Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture

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8 minutes by taxi from JR Sakaide Station. 15 minutes by car from Sakaide IC.It is 2 minutes by car from Sakaide-kita IC.
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