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Banquet·Information on conference center

  • Various rooms are prepared according to the number from celebratory feasts to important ceremonies such as legal requirements.
    A shuttle bus is also available.

    We are waiting for inquiries by telephone or the following inquiry form.



  • Luxury space to make you feel a special day

    City that prospered in ancient Egypt, Luxor
    The heavy-feeling decoration feels the height of the formality
    Spend a special day full of sophistication at the spacious banquet hall that can accommodate up to 400 people.

    place: 1F, Venue area: Up to 640 m², ※It can be used divided into 3 venues, (1 banquet 213 m²), capacity: 400 people
    1 Banquet: School formula, 50 to 100 people, Bold letters: 30 to 55 people, Round table up to 12 tables: 40 to 80


  • It is a venue of noble atmosphere that imagined the palace.For relatives only, please use for small party or second party.We will accommodate 40 to 50 casual parties.

    Location: 2F Hall, Venue area: 92 m²
    Capacity: 40 people
    School format: 20 to 50, Bold letters: 20 to 35 people, Round table: 5 tables


  • It is possible to use it for small group meeting and dinner. It can also be used as a photo room.
    We also support meetings using the Internet.

    Location: 2F, Venue area: 60 m², Capacity: 25 people
    School format: 10 to 25 people, Bold letters: 10 to 25 people

Between Shikoku

  • Tatami room of 218 square meters.Depending on the number of people you use it is recommended for use in Japanese style banquets from 20 to 120 people.

    Location: 2F Japanese Style, Venue area: Up to 243 m², Capacity: 120 people

    Shikoku I: 65 m², 65 square meters, Kaiseki Meal(Easy chair seat): 15 people, Daimyo Zen 24 people
    Shikoku Ⅱ: 56 m², 58 square meters, Kaiseki Meal(Easy chair seat): 15 people, Daimyo Zen 24 people
    Shikoku III: 122 m², 123 square meters, Kaiseki Meal(Easy chair seat): 38 people, Daimyo-cho 52 people

Between wisteria·Between chrysanthemums

  • 50 square meters of Japanese-style rooms, fully equipped with indoor washroom, full-scale altar of legal requirements, making it possible to use diversely

    Location: 3F Japanese Style, Venue area: 76 m², 50 square meters, Capacity: 24 people
    Kaiseki Meal(Easy chair seat): 16 people, Daimyo set menu: 24 people

Between Seto

  • Recommended for family meals etc in a Japanese-style room of 27 m2.Also possible to use in the waiting room etc.

    Location: 2F Japanese Style, Venue area: 41 m², 27 square meters, Capacity: 10 people


  • It is also used as a breakfast venue and a beer garden venue, and a venue for a calm adult atmosphere

    Location: 6 F Western-style room, Venue area: 154 m², Capacity: 60 people


  • Small group conference room·Meal venue

    Location: 1st Western-style room, Venue area: 23 m², Capacity: 6 to 12 people

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Venue usage fee

  • ※The above is a tax notation

Various charges