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Banquet Plan

Meeting plan

  • Meeting plan(Limited to HP)

    ≪Price≫      One person, ¥ 1,600(tax included)
    "Utilization time", 2 hours
    ≪Content included in the plan≫  Use for meeting room
                  1 cup of coffee
                  1 bottle of mineral water
    Internet line facilities available
  • Meeting plan with lunch

    ≪Price≫        One person, ¥ 3,600(tax included)
    "Utilization time", 3 hours
    "Contents included in plan", use for conference room
                  1 cup of coffee
                  1 bottle of mineral water
    Available Venue Luke, Palace, Long life

    Internet line facilities available
  • We also accept other workshops with accommodation.We will prepare quotation according to customer's request.

Legal plan

  • Otsutome & meal plan

    "Farewell venue usage fee", 35,000 yen(tax excluded)
         ·Liaison room·Temple waiting room·Bonin·Burning incense set·A set of altars·Incense stick·A candle·Picture Frames

    "Your meal", 6000 yen(Tax classification)~

    Benefits Details Bus transfer·, Cash on delivery sorting·Confectionery service
    You can order options, Buddha flowers, offerings, red rice, rolled sushi etc separately, depending on the dish content plan price change

Alumni association plan

  • Alumni association plan, Limited to HP

    "Amount of money", One person, From ¥ 7000
    "Utilization time", 3 hours
    ≪Content included in the plan≫ ·Venue usage fee·Cuisine·Fried link 3 hours·karaoke
    "Benefits", ·Accommodation discount·Create name tag
    "Optional services", (such as creating invitations) - Secretary agency service Sarai bathing tickets, group photo, after-party, etc. can also be added