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Meals list

  • Breakfast venue (6F, Raburasseriafu)

    Breakfast is a source of power to spend the day.The hotel's buffet offers a variety of Japanese and Western dishes in a buffet style.
    Please enjoy as much as you want.
    We also have a local cooking corner of Shikoku.Please enjoy the taste of Shikoku such as Sanuki Udon as well as soy sauce beans, Shigaku heaven in Ehime.
    Even rice is good for staple food! Even bread is good! Also, it is good to chose udon in Kagawa style!
    Lots of accommodation plan with great breakfast☆

    ※1F depending on the number of people, when changing the venue to Luxor
    • ☆Japanese Food·Information on special Western breakfast buffet for Western cuisine☆

      Period available:
      【Opening Hour】7: 00 to 9: 30
  • Hotel 1st Floor, Kaisenjyaya, Iso no Takumi

    You can enjoy yourself with seasonal fish, Sanuki Chicken, vegetables, sashimi, baked.Recommended local sake is also available.
    From the counter seat to which you can relax alone, we have a seat which we can enjoy in groups.You can relax relaxedly with older people in a full-seat digging kotatsu style☆
    Iso no Takumi most popular accommodation plan with Iso no Takumi dinner is here!
    Ikoikopran with two meals a night!
    It is very popular from business travelers visiting on business trip.Please enjoy the special culinary specialties of Iso no Takumi☆
    • Please enjoy seafood in Setouchi and local sake in Kagawa Prefecture.

      Period available:
      Lunch, 11: 30-15: 00(OS 14: 30) Dinner, 17: 00-22: 30(OS 22: 00)
  • Natural satiety, Fukinoto

    Our hotel annex building hot bath facilities【Sarai】It is inside【Nature Meal Restaurant [ Fukinoto ]】
    You can eat as much as you like for body-friendly dishes, drinks and desserts☆
    We have changed to the local menu of the whole country nationwide every month! Since the menu is different every month, you can enjoy it many times☆
    Recommended accommodation plan with Fukinoto's meal with a meal here!
    Bathing with bath■1 night 2 meals buffet included■Plan!!
    With bathing ticket of spa facilities Sarai☆With a bathing one-drink service!

    ※Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays open at 17:00
    • Please eat as much as you like for your body and drinks.

      Period available:
      Lunch, 11: 30-15: 30(OS 14: 30) Dinner, 17: 30-22: 30(OS 21: 30)
  • Cafe de fleur

    The drink menu restarts from January 1, 2019