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2022 beer garden

2022 Sakaide grand hotel Beer Garden will be held!       

Korean food & tavern rice

※August 7th is fully booked

※The venue is held on the 6th floor Brasserie

※The venue may be changed to a banquet hall on the 1st floor, etc.In addition, the service may be canceled due to unexpected disasters or natural disasters.

※Please book in advance as it may be fully booked

※If the number of people is less than the specified number, the order buffet may be changed.

Information of rate

Advance reservation price 4,500 yen(tax included)                                             (Save money by booking up to the day before! )

Advance ticket purchase is also possible! Available at the hotel front desk at the pre-booked price!

  • Advance reservations can be made by phone or online!
  • Chamisul will be charged +200 yen
Same day price5,000 yen(tax included)
During ~·High school student3,000 yen (tax included)
Elementary school-aged children¥ 2000 (tax included)
Infants (3 years and over)500 yen (tax included)

Event information

Friday! Fun lottery☆We will give you a number tag at the reception! Get a nice product by lottery!
Sunday! Family day ◎Amazing! 500 yen discount for children!
During ~·High school student, 3000 yen 2500 2500 yen
Elementary school-aged children, 2000 yen 1500 1500 yen
Infants(3 years and over), 500 yen 0 0 yen

If you come with a family, a club, a children's club, etc., you will definitely enjoy!

In addition! Children under elementary school age will receive sweets!
Chamisul all-you-can-drink day☆July 18th August 10th onlySpeaking of Korean food, chamisul! We usually charge +200 yen, but
All-you-can-drink for these 2 days!
  • ※There is also a possibility of change without notice, so please understand

Ticket benefits!

Pre-booked ticket stubs can be used as great coupons!

  • Please contact each store for details


Cooking content(Example)※The photograph is an image

※Please understand that the contents are subject to change without notice.

Stall demonstration menu☆US beef shoulder loin steak
Korean pancake ponzu
☆Yasuko Yatai
Han Yangnyeom Chicken
☆Mini corn dog
☆Mini cheese dog
Korean cuisineKorean bibimbap bowl
Korean Korean gratin
Stir-fried Korean vegetables and squid in sesame oil
Han Sundubu Jjigae
Korean kimchi
Korean Japchae style vermicelli
Korean tteokbokki
Cold productKorean choregi salad
・Mixed salad 
・Salt boiled edamame
・Katsuo no tataki
・Yamakake Toro Salmon
Hot product・Setonaikai amberjack with Japanese-style red bean paste or cod with Japanese-style red bean paste
・Minced olive pork cutlet
・Kakuni pork with rare sugar
・North Sea pillar fly and asparagus bacon
・Yakitori(Sauce / salt)
・Today's pizza
・Fried chicken
・Crockett to taste prosciutto
・Fried takoyaki
・Wiener french fries
Meal・Salmon chazuke
(Umeboshi pickled in cucumber )
・Ramen noodles
・Fried noodles
・Sweet hotel curry
Dessert・Sticky pancakes
・Kids Ice
・Today's cake
・Today's pudding
・Cut fruit

Drink menu

alcohol·Sapporo black label raw beer(Barrel)
·Ebisu Premium Black(Barrel)
·Sapporo Hokkaido raw squeezing(Barrel)
·Plum wine
·Yuzu sake
·Whiskey Sapporo Dewar's
·Shochu Wara wheat(wheat)
·Shochu Karariimo(potato)
·Heart leaf wine red / white
Han JINRO McColi
·Sour 99.99(Barrel) 
·Umekaku Pink Grape
·Umekaku Kiwi

Non-alcoholic・ Sapporo Premium Alcohol Free (0.00%)
·Oolong Tea
·Iced coffee 
·Pepsi cola
・Ginger ale 
·Melon Soda
·White water
·White soda
·100% orange juice
Korean grated pear juice

Korean beauty vinegar peach
Korean beauty vinegar pineapple
Han Bizu Muscat
Chamisul     +200 yenfresh/Muscat/Plum/strawberry

☆Freedom to enjoy depending on the arrangement

 There are also liqueurs that are nice for women, such as drinking comparison and Umekaku!


About holding a beer garden on weekdays                                           (Schedule other than the date)

※There is a time limit of 2 hours 

※We are not open on weekdays without reservations, so please make a reservation at least one week in advance.

Advance reservations are accepted by phone!

About infectious disease measures

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